I routinely give workshops on both digital humanities methods in Chinese studies and on text mining more generally. I will post the materials here if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Summer 2017: Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Text Mining with Python

I taught a week-long course in the Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics's 2017 Summer School on Language and the Digital Humanities. The materials can be found in this Google Drive Zip folder.

Summer 2016: Text Mining and Quantitative Analysis for Chinese Studies

I taught a short workshop on how to conduct stylometric analysis on late imperial Chinese texts as part of Leiden University's 2016 Chinese Digital Humanities Summer school. The materials were very similar to the ones I used for the workshop I taught at Stanford, which can be found here.

February 2016: Stylometrics and Genre Research in Imperial Chinese Studies

As part of the DHAsia program, I taught a workshop on stylometric analysis at Stanford. In this workshop I walked participants through all of the necessary steps, from corpus building to cleaning texts to conducting both hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis. The materials I used in the workshop are all publicly available in a github repository.